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Protests Inspire Yemeni Footballers

Protests Inspire Yemeni Footballers


Jamal Jubran, Aden

The Yemeni Football Association decided to “postpone the league’s first division clubs Football season for 2010 -2011 until further notice.”

Mukalla’s Squad in Action

For a moment some would think that this decision was undertaken by a wise assessment by the Yemeni Football Association of the current events Yemen is living through.

After searching in the information registered in the events of the last two weeks of the local league, it was discovered that two teams from the southern regions didn’t play their last couple of matches (Club Hassan in Abyan and Sha’ab Al-Mukalla in Hadramawt) that are in the General of the League timetable

Daily statements in the official newspapers and media indicate that both teams have announced, citing “special circumstances,” their inability to access the Northern governorates for the performance of some of the scheduled games according to the official table for the championship.

But it was discovered that the announcement was made by the official media which wanted to convince the people that life is still going on as normal while the truth behind the inactivity was far more politically significant.

It is said that Club Hassan as well as Sha’ab Al-Mukalla refused to play any match in solidarity with the Yemeni protestors in change square that are suffering and supposed to be playing in their city.