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GCC Holds Talks with Ruling Party, Opposition

Abdul Kareem al-Eryani

The Yemeni president delegated Monday evening his consultant Abdulkareem Aleryani to the United Arab Emirates in order to meet the minister of foreign affairs in the Gulf Cooperation Council, as part of the second round of talks held by the Council  after its meeting on Monday with a number of Opposition representatives.

According to state media, the delegation headed by Dr Abdulkareem Aleryani included several leaders from the GPC party and the National Alliance Parties.

The delegation worked with the GCC in order to reach a solution to the crisis in Yemen.

Aleryani left Sana’a as Saleh’s government expressed its support of the latest Gulf initiative. Aleryani is known as one of the best politicians on foreign policy in President Saleh’s administration and managed throughout the years to provide stability for Saleh’s regime in the face of many crises.

This comes after the opposition adhered the GCC’s first initiative, which suggested Saleh stepping down immediately, and a new round of dialogue was decided among the GGC and the Yemeni government.

The meeting of the opposition with the GCC which was held on April 17th in the Saudi capital Riyadh and discussed the opposition’s reply to the Gulf initiative.

A statement was issued after the meeting that the Yemeni opposition represented in the JMP bloc still adhered the Gulf initiative offered on the third of April and agreed on continuing dialogue and consultation in the near future.

They also said that there will be another round of talks with the GGC and the Yemeni government to determine their position.

The statement issued also mentioned that the Yemeni opposition explained to the gulf ministers its point of view on the crisis in Yemen and their desire to find a political solution.



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