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GPC Defectors Announce New Party

Muhammad Ali Abu Lahoum







Dissidents from the ruling GPC party have announced the establishment of a new bloc which calls for the support of the peaceful revolution of change

The “Justice and Building” bloc was announced in Sana’a on Monday April 18th, 2011. The bloc includes top leaders from the ruling party in Yemen, among them members from the general committee and members of the House of Representatives and the Shura Council as well as local and civil society figures.

This bloc also includes Minister of Tourism Nabil al-Faqih, Minister of Human Rights Huda al-Ban, Transport Minister in the Caretaker Government Khaled al-Wazeer and Muhammad Abu Lahoum, Chairman of the External Relations department in the GPC, parliament members Abdulaziz Jubari, Abdulkarim Alaslami and Yahya Mohammad Alshami, chairman of the Department of Inspection and Control

Most of the ministers and parliament members announced their resignations and joined the young demonstrators in the beginning of March, 2011, protesting the use of lethal against protestors.

The bloc called in a press conference to support the peaceful revolution of change and confirmed that the bloc will work with other political partners in order to build a new Yemen

The formation of the party by the group of activists came as a result of the country’s almost three-month-old crisis, which “requires everyone to be honest about the events,” said Abu Lahoum.

He also confirmed that the bloc will include members from all the governorates in support of the national revolution, and that it will be opened to all political parties without exception and will ensure that the youth will be included in all its activities, as they are the revolution’s  pioneers, who will continue to build Yemen’s future.

Abu Lahoum also called all political, social and academic figures as well as youth and businessmen to join their bloc.