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Canadian Nexen Staff Start Partial Strike

The syndicate committee of Canadian Nexen Petroleum plans for a partial strike starting from Sunday 24th, 2011.

The strike was based on the demands of staff for more workers’ rights, both in the field and the headquarter in Sana’a which they say totally ignored by the head management of Canadian Nexen Petroleum Yemen (CNPY).

Citing “Yemen’s labor laws on the oil sector and our belied in the ownership of the resources for Yemen” the representatives of the syndicate committee said their strike will continue and they will upgrade the strike by holding up red signs for three days for three hours a day in front of Sana’a’s Nexen headquarters, ending by the 26th of April.

In case they get no positive response, organizers promise to upgrade their movement by a period of seven days, six hours a day. The negotiations will continue in order to solve the matter amicably, or else it will turn into a full strike throughout the different departments of CNPY Company, organizers promised.

The partial strike plan will consist take into consideration the exception of Central Production Unit, security management and facilities protection, health, safety department, food and beverages, production department, and power generation by providing the minimum possible staff and engineers. The production team will stay at minimum along with the maintenance and drilling staff, who will not take part in the full strike.

Strike organizers plan to keep low-level managerial work operating on a reduced level.



  • This staff are greedy and they are not thankful of what they have, many people outside don’t paid what they are paid and they are complaining now, most of them their salaries are about $1600, can you imagine that and they still complain and strike!!!!!!!!

    Am one of Nexen employee and am thankfull of what i have.

    • Ali,
      If you feel that you don't deserve a higher salary, or the $1600 is what your work is really worth, then that is ok.
      Just know that the canadians are paid 10 times what we are paid, and not all of us have such low self esteem.

    • If your Experience and Capability is below the range of 1,600 $, then that is your price tag. My Personnel Experience and background worth more then that amount, even the Nexen none Yemeni Employees had always confirmed that. Now I 'am not asking to be equal to the Canadian Employees of Nexen, but I would like to be equaled to other employees working in other companies in Yemen.
      I 'am considered new in Nexen, and I joined Nexen coming from TOTAL E&P the main thing that made me consider joining Nexen, is there Core and Values which really comes as a shock to me when I see Nexen management in the last few months, overthrow those Values they set for them selves and step on them.

    • it is either u r a guy who got no education at all or have no idea of his rights. no wounder we have this much of corruption in this country. it is all because of people like u. too late to advice a guy like u. tooooo laaaaaate.

  • Ali essa
    You stil follow up Nexen staff
    just think of your self and leave Nexen staff alone
    if you are a Nexen employee please feel free to contact me
    anyways my EY#89158

  • Nexen is exploiting Yemen's resesources and Yemeni people. They are paying bribery to government and they do whatever they want with Yemen and Yemenis. What they are paying Yemnis is 1/10 of what the same Canadian Employee (same experience) is getting. The main demand for the current strike is the End of Service package which as per PSA (Production Sharing Agreement) signed with the government of Yemen should be paid to Yemeni employees by the end of PSA in December 2011 (one moth salary for each year of service). Nexen is trying to run away without paying this right. There are also other rights were Yemeni employees are requesting. We wish that the Calgary Herald will try to make a detailed investigation of what Nexen is practicing in Yemen. They are practicing slavery and new colonialism in Yemen. Where are the human rights activists in Canada from such acts? We seek your help.

  • Abu Yemen, if this company is that bad why do you accept working for them. Most the employees have been working for this company for more than 10 years. I am sorry to say this but shame on them. They must be slaves or else they will not accept the slavery treatment all these years.

  • "True and Honest" is right. If you accept the money then accept what coming with it. But is the company cheating those workers or what?