Respected Journalist Resigns from Al Jazeera

Lebanese As-Safir newspaper quoted reliable sources as saying that journalist Ghassan bin Jeddo, Director of Al Jazeera TV in Beirut, resigned after the TV station had shifted from being a media source into an operation room for instigation.

“Bin Jeddo tendered his resignation several days ago,” the sources said, adding that the reason behind this step was because Al Jazeera has abandoned profession and objectively and turned into “a room for instigation and mobilization.” Still, Bin Jeddo did not confirm or deny the news on his resignation.

The sources underlined that one of the reasons that pushed Bin Jeddo to resign is the provocative policy of Al Jazeera which is unacceptable, particularly in light of the historical juncture the region is passing through.

The sources further said the action Bin Jeddo took indicates his ethical logic, criticizing how Al Jazeera shed light on what was happening in Libya, Yemen, and Syria while completely ignored the events in Bahrain despite all the bloodshed taking place.

courtesy moqawama.org