Eight dead in Lahj Clashes

By Abdulmalik Alassar / Lahaj

Eight people were killed, including six soldiers and five others were injured in clashes on Thursday April 21st, 2011 between units of the Republican Guard and armed elements of the Hirak in Lahj governorate, southern Yemen.

A security official said that the clashes took place between armed Hirak elements from Labu’s region, Yafe’ governorate, and a unit from the republican guard led by Saleh’s son and continued until the dawn of Friday Hirak elements launched a surprise attack on Thursday morning on a military post, killing two of its guards, prompting the guards to respond to the attack with volleys of gunfire.

A soldier said that Labu’s area experienced tension on Friday morning and people were of afraid that outlaws might continue their attacks.

He also added that clashes are mostly happening between the armed Hirak and soldiers in Lahj were at short range, as a guard from Labu’s a was killed and 12 other were injured in clashes with Southernist elements.