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Al-Hattar Challenges the President to a Debate


Hamoud al-Hattar

President Ali Abdullah Saleh told a group of college students and military cadets that “people who resign from their posts and joinethe revolutions are the symbols of corruption and they do not have agendas for reforming the economic, cultural, social and developmental situation in the country.”

Hamoud al-Hattar, the former minister of Islamic Trusts later responded that “what Yemen living through is due to the political  tyranny, poor governance, absence of justice and the rule of law and lack of transparency and widespread corruption and the failure of the regime to handle political crises and contain its repercussions since 2006 until today.”

Al-Hattar also called president Saleh to conduct a debate on the three decades of his reign and to study the negatives and positives, the extent of corruption and its symbols according to annual international reports, which all indicate mistakes which have prevented progress and prosperity.

“We see all resigned officials and revolutionaries looking for a better future, aiming at applying justice and achieving unity.”

Al-Hattar requested that prior to a proposed debate, the President of the Republic should declare his wealth in accordance with the provisions of Article (15) of Act No. 30 of 2006, which states that the president is to submit a financial report of his holdings, including of funds, transmitted inside or outside Yemen, to the relevant authorities within sixty days from the date of issuance.