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Youth Revolutionary Council Adresses International Community

The Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change


American & European Human Rights Organizations
The Peaceful Revolution currently taking place in all cities of Yemen is driven mainly by the independent youth that gathered momentum and spread all over the country in the past few months simply to put an end to 33 years of injustice and demanding freedom, democracy, civil state and equal citizenship.

Peaceful demonstrations all over Yemen were faced by Saleh’s regime with extreme violence, abusing his authority by using the national security and Republican guard’s forces that are lead by his relatives.

In order to protect his position, and anxious of the legal consequences of his actions, Ali Saleh’s regime is labeling peaceful protesters as war enemies and has declared national state of emergency to justify their killing, arresting, and other methods of violence against unarmed, peaceful and innocent civilians.

We find the ongoing support of the American government to this regime unjustifiable and we urge upon the US government to take responsibility for the consequences of its actions that led to the empowerment of this criminal dictator.

It is also important to note that, the extensive financial, military and intelligence support provided by the US government to Ali Saleh to fight terrorism is being redirected by his regime to abuse and harm the peaceful protestors including the use of internationally prohibited nerve gases, armory, and weapons supplied by the US government in addition to utilizing well trained anti-terror forces.

We also urge upon you as global citizens wherever you are, to act upon this, address your parliament, and government, in any way possible, don’t vote for any type of support from your government to dictators like Ali Saleh in Yemen and elsewhere!

Until date the regime of Saleh has lead to the killing of hundreds and the injury of thousands and an unknowing number of kidnapped young people among them doctors and nurses.

Every day you remain silent many more innocent lives are taken away in broad day light, children lately have joined the list of victims killed, and tortured by Ali Saleh’s regime.

We suffer from absence of basic human rights, equality, justice, freedom of speech, freedom of demonstration, and freedom of dreams!
Your voice can make a difference, please act today, and be a global freedom partner in our local change to democracy.

Monday April 25th, 2011