Political Analysis

Youth Protest Group Condemns Recent Violence

Statement no.28-B
Saturday, April 30, 2011

Condemn Terror by Ali Saleh Republican Guards and Security Forces Against Peaceful Protesters.

The Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change

The Coordinating Counsel of Youth Revolution of Change condemns the extreme terror and aggressive behavior of the Republican Guard and security forces who are using live ammunitions and heavy artillery against peaceful protesters camped in Aden, Mansoura to disperse the protest.

We condemn terrorizing families at homes, children, women and citizens with tanks and heavy armory.

We call upon all protesters of freedom and change squares around the Republic of Yemen, to march out now and today in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Aden.
We call upon the international community, Human Rights Organizations, and we send a message to the allies of the current regime to stop their support to this regime immediately. What is happening is genocide against peaceful citizens who are against Ali the criminal, and his regime.

We call upon all tribes, civil leaders, and free Yemenis to stand in solidarity with their brothers in Mansoura.

We also call upon the international media to cover the massacres taking place all around Yemen, and help in assisting exposing this scandalous and illegitimate president and his falling regime.

We remain in faithful to our peaceful revolution.