Al-Qaeda resumes its activities in southern Yemen

Soliders in Abyen are having their safe lunch

By NY Staff,

Ten were killed including five soldiers in an explosion on Wednesday close to a crowded Qat Market in Zinjibar, capital of Abyan province, 30 kilo meters away from Aden City. Clashes erupted when armed men fired “three mortar shells” at two police vehicles.

Security official said, seven policemen were injured in the attack and subsequent clashes between the assailants and security forces in the town centre, while ┬ámedical official said four of 16 civilians who were admitted to the hospital “succumbed to their wounds”. Medics had previously said two civilians had died from their injuries.

An eye witness said the attack may have been ‘revenge’ for the US killing of al-Qaeda’s top leader Osama bin Laden early Monday in Pakistan.

Abyan is considered a stronghold of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the homeland of Shaikh Tarik al-Fadhli who appointed himself the Ameer of Abyan. Abyen city has witness several attacks to the solders and check points since 2007. On Sunday, three policemen were killed in a similar attack in the country’s southeastern province of Hadramaut.