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Aden Refinery Halts Production

Sources close to the petroleum industry in Aden reported that Aden Refinery stopped all its production last week.

One of the distillation units in the refinery had been subject to maintenance and update for three months and is ready to operate now.

The other second distillation unit’s capacity is increased, and is supplying the other production units of the refinery, represented in the gasoline improving unit of the and liquefied natural gas treatment plant which supplies the domestic market with oil products and gas.

Stocks of crude oil may run out in the tanks of the refinery due to lack of receiving sufficient Marib crude oil, forcing the Aden Refinery Company to stop producing and to take advantage of the suspension period

for maintenance work in all other production machines, including the power plant.

Local markets are witnessing a crisis in the receiving gas and gasoline supplies nowadays.