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Authors and Writers Union condemns the crime

– The Secretariat of the Union of writers and authors received the news of the crime committed against the poet and Waleed Muhammad Alrumaishi, where criminal elements cut his tongue as a deliberated punishment for his view on the events taking place in the Yemeni squares

The union confirms the following:

– The union holds the authority responsibility to account all perpetrators and arrest them and bring them to justice

– The union also expresses its rejection of the practices that was exercised by opposition and ruling elements in the recent period and target writers, authors and activists and that the union is monitoring such practices which targeted authors such as Muhyiddin Jarmah and bushra Almaqtari starting from the last crime committed by regimes’ bullies and forces and other practices executed by the JMP’s bullies against activists like Arwa Uthman and huda Al-Attas ending with Alrumaishi’s crime.

–           The union also mentioned that Alrumasihi’s crime and what he has been subjected to reflects a new tend to suppression in the Yemeni history against the freedom of expression

The union confirms that it will not stand idly against the practices of repression and abuse and that it is to launch a major campaign to stand in the face of unjust dictators

All in all the union of writers and authors called his members to hold sit ins in the capital on Saturday may 6th, 2011