Yemeni reaction on the assassination of Bin Laden

Lawyer and human rights activists Khaled Al-Anisi considered the death of Osama Bin laden a historical turning point for the declaration of the end of the violence and a beginning of peaceful change

He said that Bin Laden’s death is a symbol and that the death of the al-Qaeda leader comes at a time when Arab countries are passing through revolution and change, and that the event is a big indicator to the advent of peaceful change.

Journalist and activist Mansour Abu Ali pointed out that Bin Laden’s death is a real success for counter-terrorism campaign, and that this news would weaken Al-Qaeda in Yemen

Engineer Ammar al-Dalei said that America has succeeded in directing a powerful strike by killing Bin laden, noting that Yemen is one of the countries most targeted by this terrorist organization and caused its destabilization of security and stability.

Ahmed Saber said, “America succeeded in taking revenge on Al-Qaeda by killing Bin Laden, who has been responsible fro the death of innocent people and the occupation of many countries.:

He considered Bin laden ultimately responsible for all the terrorist attacks which the world has witnessed in recent years. He added that his death is a big defeat for terrorists.

A sheikh and the imam of a mosque in Sana’a al-Madhhaji said that Al-Qaeda leader, Bin laden is “a Muslim and Arab, and we ask Allah to bless his soul.”

He added that his assassination was a mere continuation of the U.S campaign against Islam and Muslims.

Al-Madhhaji added, “Al-Qaeda is an ideology which will remain as along as the American dominance in the Middle East. Al-Qaeda is a product of Zionist occupation of Palestine, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the West’s attitude towards the Arab and Islamic countries.

Abdul Jalil al-Sharafi, a young activist, said “Bin Laden’s death has caused President Saleh a great loss, as he presented Yemen as the country which Bin Laden comes from.  With his death he lost the chance to exploit the world’s fear of terrorism.”

Abdurrahman Wasel, a human rights activist, said, “we all know that Bin Laden is responsible for what happened to many countries and his death wont stop terrorism in the world, as he established his thoughts and allies all over the world.”

One of people who visited Afghanistan recently said that his death was a big strike to Al Qaeda and that the west and American shouldn’t be happy about it because that will increase the persistence and determination of Mujahideen to take revenge.

Talal Thabit, 42


“Osama bin Laden has no relation to me or to Yemen.  Everything he has done has funded and manipulated by other forces.  As far as I am concerned, he and the corrupt President Ali Abdullah Saleh are the same.

They are destined for the same “paradise.”  They kill and lie to Muslims, and work in the interests of the West.?

“How could he justify killing innocent people and children?  Hearing about his death, I feel nothing.  My focus is on unseating our corrupt government and building a better future for all Yemenis.”


Imad Nasser, 18, unemployed


“We don’t know for sure that he is even dead, and we can’t believe the things that have been said about him in the media.  We respect him as a Muslim, and we mourn his death.  It is not right to speak ill of the dead.”

“Everyday we see on television killing and aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq.  We know that these things are actually happening.  But on Osama bin Laden’s life nothing has been proven to us, and we know that vicious lies have been spread about him.”


Abdulrahman al-Sowaidi, 22, shopkeeper


“He was a Muslim, and we respect what he did during his life.  America always accuses and kills whomever they like.  If he were a criminal, why was he not charged and brought to trial?  It’s not true what they have said about him.  There is no justice in just killing him.”


Ammar Majid, 46, farmer


“Bin Laden is a martyr and he will go to heaven, God willing.  The events of September 11th were planned inside the United States itself, and there is no proof for any of the accusations against him.  Since the invasion of Kuwait, to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, America and Israel will use any excuse to make war on the Islamic world.  May he rest in peace.”