Youths in Yemen call for rallies tomorrow


protester holding the national flag on Friday rally

By NY Staff

The anti-government protesters in sana’a  and other governorates within the Republic of Yemen called for peaceful rallies tomorrow. The youths planed for the rallies to affirm their obvious rejection to the gulf initiate unless President Saleh excepts to step down within the next  48 hours. The GCC will hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss the developing issues  of Yemen, in which an enthusiastic youth groups threat  the GCC of giving Saleh more time to kill the Yemen’s asking them for a decision to remove him immediately .

Five protestors were killed in Taiz and hundred wended a day before the gulf leaders meeting in Rai’ad. The statement came as security forces opened fire to break up demonstrations by teachers at Taiz the largest population in Yemen. Another two people were killed and five more wounded when troops fired at people protesting against fuel crises in al-Hodheidah governorate  at the Red Sea.

The Common Forum, an alliance of parliamentary opposition groups, repeated its support for the plan to end three months of political unrest but insisted President Ali Abdullah Saleh also commit himself.

“We renew our commitment to the Gulf plan but the other party (the president) must also demonstrate its seriousness within the next two days,” the Common Forum said.

last Friday, which was called safety and stability for Yemen Saleh, announced his rejection to sign the transition deal and called for legitimacy and election.