Coalition undertake the process of change in Yemen

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Yaseen Saeed Numan

Yaseen Saeed Noman “We seek to form a broad coalition to accomplish the process of change and dialogue on the future”.

Yaseen Saeed Noman, president of high council of the JMP, revealed on Saturday, May 14th, that the opposition is currently trying to form a broad coalition that includes all opposition forces in Yemen and will undertake the process of change in the country

In a statement to Almasdar online Norman said “the coalition will include JMP and their allies, young revolutionists, southern Hirak, Huthies, the Liberal cluster, the Sons of Yemen League and Justice bloc,  opposition from abroad , civil society organizations, scholars, sheikhs, businessmen and other groups”

He also clarified that JMP has already begun making contact with these groups in order to form the coalition and he stressed the welcome and positive responses that were received by those organizations.

This comes three months into Yemen’s national revolution demanding the fall of the Yemeni president.

Alzayyani Secretary General of Gulf Cooperation Council arrived at the nation’s capital, Sana’a, in an attempt to “revive” the Gulf initiative after the opposition rejected the changes in favor of Ali Saleh, which would have given him the right to sign as a party leader and not as a president of the republic.

The spokesman of the JMP have announced on Friday, May 13, that the Gulf initiative is no longer active after Qatar announced its withdrawal, because of delays in its implementation by President Saleh and his regime.

In a press statement on Saturday, Dr. Mohammad Abdulmalik Mutawakkil, Supreme Council Member of the JMP said that JMP may cut its relationship with the political initiatives. Commenting on alZayyani’s visit to Sana’a  he said, “We welcome alZayani in Yemen, but JMP no longer has any role in the Gulf initiative because  it became between the Gulf States and the governing party and they are unilaterally creating an initiative.”

Official sources also said that it is expected that the opposition might ask alZayyani to have a dialogue with Ali Saleh and ask him to continue implementing the unilateral initiative.

Edited by Sarah Rangwala