Yemeni court hears two al-Qaeda convicts’ appeal

The Appeal Court in the capital Sana’a heard on Sunday to an appeal by two al-Qaeda elements convicted of committing terrorist acts.

Head of the Court Judge Ahmed al-Mualimi read a summary of the case, explaining that the appellants Saddam Hussein al-Rimi and Rami Hermel Hans (German nationality) committed acts of terrorism targeting tourists and foreign interests in Marib province during (2008-2010).

The Court ordered to enable them to submit their appeal petition by their lawyers at the next hearing on May 29.

On March 15, the Penal Court in the capital Sana’a sentenced each of them two years from the date of their arrest and to be put under police surveillance and prevented them from traveling to any province after their release for two years.

On another hand, the Court specified May 29 for to hear the closing argument on the appeal of 12 Somali, six of them sentenced to death and the six others ten years in jail.

The Somali pirates hijacked on April 26,2009, the Yemeni oil tanker (Qna) while sailing from Mukala to Aden, and resisted Yemeni authorities by force ,which led to the killing of one of the ship’s crew, the loss of another and wounding four others.