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Yemen: Trade exchange with US reached YR 150 bln in 2010

The value of trade exchange between Yemen and the United States reached YR 150.2 billion in 2010, registering an increase of YR 29.2 billion with a growth rate of 24.2 percent.

The data issued by the Central Organization of Statistics (COS) showed that Yemen’s imports from the United States such as electronic devices, equipment, machineries, medicines, spare parts, foodstuffs, furniture ,textiles and others reached YR 149.4 billion in 2010 compared with YR 119.5 billion in 2009.

The data also showed that Yemen’s exports to the United States including fish, agricultural products, coffee, honey and other commodities have decreased to YR 957 million after they have reached YR 1.1 billion in 2009.

The trade balance between the two countries reached YR 148.8 billion in 2010 for the benefit of the United States, compared with YR 118.4 billion in 2009.