Yemeni President Calls For Early Elections

 Friday Protest

Friday Protest may continue for more weeks

President  Ali Abdullah Saleh called for early presidential elections in front of his pro-support  who have been gathered for Friday prayers which is called the 22may Friday in al-Sabeen square. ,Saleh ignored  the earlier promise to sign a deal that would end his decades-long rule.

Saleh didn’t specify a date for the elections or mention a proposal mediated by the Gulf Cooperation Council to ensure he steps down in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Saleh speech express confidence that the people who have been firm along four months in front of coup movement and treason will continue to be strong in the face of all difficulties and challenges.

President Barack Obama said Thursday that “Saleh needs to follow through on his commitment to transfer power.”

Saleh has balked at signing the regional deal, initially asking that his party officials sign it instead. Then after another attempt by the mediators to salvage the pact, Saleh refused to sign it, blaming the protesters for continuing to hold their rallies.

In a change of heart, Saleh on Thursday said he would sign the deal on Sunday.It was not clear if Saleh had discussed the early elections option with his opponents or the regional mediators. In his speech Friday, he accused the protest movement of “treason.”

The opposition has accused Saleh of stalling. In the square where thousands of protesters have been camped out for weeks, the religious cleric delivering the Friday sermon asked Yemen’s Gulf neighbors to withdraw their proposal.