Celebrate National Day, Celebrate the first Anniversary of National Yemen

As the Editor-In-Chief of this newspaper, please allow me to formally introduce you to the first anniversary of the National Yemen. The National Yemen was a dream of mine as I had always wanted to create a paper committed to the improvement of Yemen.

To do this, National Yemen continues to provide independent and unbiased journalism — even in an increasingly politically charged and polarized region. It also provides close and critical coverage to provide understanding in this mercurial and pivotal period of Yemeni history by focusing not only the facts, as they are, but also the important opinions that shape, influence and ultimately reflect what Yemen is today.

The National Yemen, and by no coincidence, was founded on Yemen’s “National Day.” This important holiday celebrates the 21st anniversary of Yemen unification in 1990. Memories of this day, in the hearts of many Yemenis, stir sentiments of hope and solidarity as unification promised to usher in a new prosperous period in Yemeni history. It represented a new beginning for all of us.

The National Yemen newspaper was founded upon this sense of opportunity and hope that we all felt in the early 90’s. It is with this that I wish our paper serves as an endearing reminder of the sense of hope that once pervaded Yemen as we navigate these trouble times. By these means, the paper strives to be instrumental in achieving the prosperity we dream of not only through its reporting by seasoned veterans but by creating a new generation of talent which we will always promote and professionally develop. We hope that our young and promising reporters whom fill our ranks will play important roles in forming a transparent and effective republic in the years to come.

Despite the events that unfolded during our first year of operation, National Yemen still managed to compete with the older English newspapers in terms of its news quality and photography by achieving international standards from the first page to the last page of every weekly edition. The success of this paper has been realized by the tremendous teamwork of more than 70 local staff and correspondents that have worked for the paper since its inception. National Yemen has also received critical support from collaboration with expats such as William Carter, who managed to successfully create National Yemen’s first hardcover print Precious Resources, documenting the oil, gas and mineral resources of Yemen. The paper also benefited from the help of Dan Driscoll, who is expected to continue National Yemen’s work on its second publication Advancing Health in Yemen. The paper is also has deep appreciation for the support of its deputy managing editor, Noah Browning. With such a team of committed individuals, the future of National Yemen has a promising future to become the leading English newspaper in Yemen.

However, much like Yemen its self, the National Yemen newspaper will also face numerous challenges for many more years to come. Regardless of the size or amount of these challenges, we will always be dedicated to providing journalistic freedom and independence. And with your continued support, our paper will become a conduit for impartial reportage on events and salient, balanced, opinion. It will also become an institution that develops new Yemeni talent and helps foster sound journalism through ensuring journalistic freedom and independence. In time, it will also reach out to those audiences who are learning English, through both its print and other development activities, and it will become a benchmark aid for their learning experience. But most importantly, the National Yemen also hopes to become a place, or even a sanctuary, for honest dialogue on topics pertinent to Yemen and its future. As such, it aspires to be a bustling market place of ideas, which hopes to engage, encourage, educate, entertain and edify the population through the power of printed word, as well as, of course, its promise to inform its readers of the facts, just as they are.

It is with the pursuit of our vision for the future we dreamed of after unification, that we thank our readers and our sponsors. Without them, none of this would be possible.

I am looking forward to celebrating the first decade of National Yemen with all of you.