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Protection Cluster calls on all political parties in Yemen

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Child at the change square in near by Sana'a University

To the attention of the Government of Yemen, Government Ministries, Political Parties,Youth Movements, Non-Governmental and Civil Society Organisations, Teachers, Parentsand Others to Whom This May Concern

We – agencies and organisations members of the Protection Cluster are deeply concerned with the increasing number of casualties amongst children in the context of the ongoing civilunrest.The Protection Cluster calls on all political and social parties, families and other concernedcitizens to ensure that children do not take part in or are present in political demonstrations orareas of confrontation.While children must be guaranteed the right to the freedom of association and expression, inthe current climate of growing political tension, participation of children in demonstrationsruns a danger of exposing them to exploitation and life-threatening situations unsuitable fortheir developmental needs and contrary to their rights and entitlements.In addition, this situation makes it difficult to ensure that access is provided to education,health, protection assistance and other social services effectively for all children concerned inYemen.We strongly believe in your valuable response and are confident of your cooperation basedon national Yemeni law and relevant international laws such as the Convention on the Rightsof the Child, International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law, all ofwhich call for the protection of children under the age of 18 years from all types of violence,abuse and media exploitation.