MTN a victim of the fuel crisis in Yemen


Mr. Raead Ahmen GM of MTN Yemen

The customers of MTN-Yemen network suffered from bad coverage throughout the past three days. Technical staff from MTN confirmed problems of coverage as result of attacks in which tribesmen stole the fuel which is used to power the towers. According to one NY source, the attackers stole the fuel to power both the motors that irrigate their fields as well as their personal cars. The source added that this is a bad sign for the future of MTN’s business operations if further attacks are carried out on the cell phone towers.

These problems stem from Yemen’s severe shortage in oil, gas, diesel and electricity.
Long rows of people and cars can be seen in major cities and major roadways waiting for their turn to get 20 liters of petrol. The continued
unrest in Yemen has pushed many families to leave Sana’a anticipating
the worst.

The tribal mediators between President Saleh and Shaikh Sadiq al-Ahmar
the head of Hashid tribe starts to handover some governmental building
which overtaken in the confrontations of the past five days.