Yemeni government and tribesmen agree truce

President Saleh in an official meeting

President Saleh in an official meeting

Yemen’s government and Shaikh Sadiq al-Ahmer agreed on Saturday to end their confrontation which might lead into civil war.

The deal included a withdrawal of armed tribesmen from government buildings and moves to normalize life in al- Hasabah district of the capital Sanaa, scene of a week-long clashes that killed 115 people, a source close to mediators told Reuters.

A government official said “Yes, we have an agreement which takes effect tomorrow (Sunday) morning.”

A tribal official confirmed an agreement had been reached

The fighting had prompted thousands of residents to flee Sanaa and raised the prospect of chaos that could benefit the Yemen-based branch of al Qaeda and threaten neighboring Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter.

The latest violence, pitting Saleh loyalist forces against members of the powerful Hashed tribe led by Sadeq al-Ahmar, was the bloodiest since pro-democracy unrest erupted in January and was sparked by Saleh’s refusal to sign a power transfer deal.

Mediators will start taking over the occupied buildings from the al-Ahmar tribesmen on Sunday and hand them over to government forces, the mediators said.