Yemen fuel shortages grow, pipeline stays shut -trade

Petrol can be found in the sub-streets of Sana'a

ISTANBUL/LONDON, June 6 (Reuters) – Yemen’s main oil pipeline remains
shut after closing in March and fuel shortages across the country
continue to worsen, trade sources said on Monday. A blast in March on
the pipeline, suspected to have been set off by tribesmen, has stopped
the flow of light Marib crude, forcing the 130,000 barrels-per-day
Aden refinery to shut and leading to the fuel shortages.

“There has been no flow of crude and no Marib output. The fuel
shortages are worsening, especially in Sanaa,” a Yemen-based shipping
source said.

Trade sources said repairing the pipeline and testing were estimated
to take around two weeks from when it commenced.

“When that will be remains unknown and depends on the willingness of
tribes to allow it to happen,” one source said. in the mean time the
capital Yemen Sana’a suffered lack of petrol at the petrol station.
smuggler and nomadic can be seen in the sub streets are selling the
petrol through tanks in which the cost increased tour times than the
actual rate.The cost of 20 litter cost $28/