Saudi donates 3 mln oil barrels to Yemen

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Last night crowed at al-Habal Petrol station where people waited for two days

OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia has donated Yemen three million barrels of oil to help its impoverished neighbour cope with fuel shortages amid political unrest, Yemen’s oil minister said on Wednesday.

‘King Abdullah presented three million barrels of crude oil to Yemen,’ Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister was quoted as saying.

‘This quantity is to support the national economy and contribute to the provision of citizen’s needs and easing their sufferings because of the severe lack of petroleum derivatives the country is facing.’

Saudi King Abdullah “has instructed that three million barrels of crude oil be provided as a donation to Yemen,” the minister, Amir Salem al-Aydarus, told state news agency Saba

A number of petrol stations in Sana’a and other governorates  are witnessing a long lines of cars waiting for their term to fill-in their cars with Petrol .  Yemen is suffering for the lack of oil for the past four weeks. The litter of petrol reached  last week $3 through traditional sellers who used to bring petrol to Sana’a through their pick up cars from Marib and some other governorates.

Yemen is an oil production country and it has been affected by the continues attacks of the pipeline in Marib al-Jawaf Safer company thei main supplier to the local and international market.

Fighting and shot fire is clearly remarkable at the petrol situation where petrol is available in the Capital of Sana’a. The owners of the petrol station can be seen machine guns protecting their business and organizing the car’s lines.