Local News

Media in Yemen

By: Ebrahim Al-Sharif

The Yemeni revolution has caused a new phenomenon inside in our society. The political crisis in Yemen has caused conflicts and polemics between the political forces of Yemen. This has led to a blockage of needed dialogue in the protests and demonstrations against the regime calling for the departure of president. As the protests continue, a rift is deepening between the two sides because of a lack of clear information.

Yemeni people are waking up and going to sleep confused about what is going on nowadays as a result of the conflicting sources of news coming from a wide spectrum of political views. This is creating a huge problem amongst people in Yemeni society. Yemeni and foreign news agencies from televisions to newspapers and radios often play different roles in supporting different sides to support their point of view or to support a specific party or political mentality.

Sohail Channel showed some facts which I totally agree with, but when I watch other governmental TV channels that support the president, I watched something different even from what I watched myself in reality.” Mohammed Ali, anti-government protester.

Yemeni’s interest in the news has increased during the revolutions throughout the Middle East because of two large reasons. Yemenis in urban areas as well as rurual areas deeply care about other Arab countries and what should be done in there. More importantly however is that life has changed drastically in Yemen. For example, before Yemen’s youth always thought about finishing university education, work, marriage, and then having a normal life like their parents, but now all priorities have been changed and getting rid of this crisis is the highest priority for all of Yemeni people.

I am child, but I understand many things about the revolutions because my family watches TV all the time, reads the newspapers and listens to radio to know more about what happened. I no longer watch my entertainment programs and do as my family members do. So now I only watch Al-Jazeerah, Sohail, BBC – Yemen and the Shiba news channel.” said Hanan Mohammed, 10 years old.

The problem is that when it comes to the news in Yemen, there are too many biased perspectives. This prevents youth from understanding the events in the country and is even discouraging youth to participate in political processes.

Having different news resources in different sides is something really bad, I wanted to study politics, but now I’ve quit because there is no way to be a liar or to play with lairs who don’t care about all society,” stated Hassan Mohammed, a secondary school student.

The future of Yemen will continue to remain unclear until the public is given unbaised information on the events unfolding in the country.