National Yemen a victim of law absence

National Yemen

the back door smashed window of the publisher and editor in chief of NY.

By: NY Staff

Around noon last Wednesday, my car of was a victim of a loss of security and an absence of fair judgment. An individual or group, smashed the rear window in front of the Emirates airline office in Sana’a located on the 60th street.  Valuable information, history of the newspaper, pictures, contracts personal laptop, hard disk which contains three years’ work, checks, stamps, treasury keys, money and other personal items all were stolen for no reason.

National Yemen does not accuse any specific party, neither does the paper consider the case a planned attack to harm the paper. However, the paper does consider it a symptom of the ongoing mess throughout the entire country where thieves have found Ramadan the time to hone their skills during the long holiday as the courts remain closed. More than three hundred cars were robbed throughout this month. The thieves usually watch cars that have hand bags inside and then they steal easy to grab items like mobile phones, money, spare tires and type recorders.

The robbery took no more than the time that it took from the start of the car alarm until I reached my vehicle.  Because of this, the thief is likely very well trained and he knows the habits of the customers who frequent the Emirates airline office.  As the theft happened in a public area near the security guard, I informed the guard of what happened and he told me that this was the second incident of the day. I decided to go complain to the area manager of Emirates airline about my case and other cases to watch out for future crimes.

Mr. Husain Bani Hashem, manager of Emirates airline office in Sana’a, was sympathetic and was sincere as he dealt with my complaint. Mr. Hashem has also been a victim of theft as his laptop and two blackberry phones were stolen from his desk not too long ago. The Emirates office has taken many security measures such as high definition security cameras, but Mr. Hashem noted, “some customers park their cars out of the Emirates parking lot and we cannot track what happens there. “

Now that I am trouble, I have to register my case at the nearest police station which called is called the al-Mjama’a. I have met the deputy officer in charge where he learned that I am a journalist. He was professional as his staff investigated and recorded the case in the daily complaints file.

I was very upset and asked them to write the full common details like where I was at the moment of the crime, how it happened and other relevant details. During the investigation process, the investigator asked me to announce these details in the government newspaper in case they find my items. He assured me that this is a normal action and they receive a dozens of complaints like mine and they capture the criminals forcing them bring back the stolen materials. He said that the police station does our duty at full capacity, but unfortunately there is  a bad court system and unfair laws encouraging thieves to repeat their crimes many times till they become professional s.  He did not understand why the judges take all of Ramadan off while they know by law that we cannot keep any thief for no more than 24 hours. I believe that the absence of courts has increased the amount of crimes in Ramadan as well as other months. What I learned is that if you have something stolen in a public place, just forget it and do not bother yourself with it any more.

“The robbery has been the official fashion day and night and hundreds of cases are taking place in the public areas like banks, telecom companies, qat markets and many other places” said Hani al-Bawab  an employee at the International Bank of Yemen. The revolution movement in Yemen has brought terrible people to the capital city of Sana’a, where many of them were waiting for the civil war to start so they can work freely. By delaying any solutions for the political crises in Yemen, this issue will continue to become worse and one day will be worse than Somalia.