GPC Discusses Mechanisms to Carry-Out Gulf Initiative

This past Wednesday the General People Congress (GPC)’s general committee discussed several ideas pertaining to a mechanism in accord with the constitution to carry out the Gulf Initiative.

During the meeting, which was chaired by Vice President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the GPC’s General Committee asserted that the implementation of the Gulf initiative should achieve the following goals:

– The solution should lead to the unity, security and stability of Yemen.

– It should meet with the ambitions of the Yemeni people of change and reform.

– The transfer of powers should be carried out in a smooth and safe way via a national accordance to keep Yemen away from anarchy and violence.

– All parts have to abide by the elimination of all elements of political and security tension.

– All parts have to abide by the elimination of all forms of revenge and prosecution via guarantees.

After reaching an agreement on the mechanisms, President Ali Abdullah Saleh will issue a decree to authorize the vice president with requisite constitutional powers to conduct a dialogue with all parties. The President signed the initiative on the timeframe and follow-up of the mechanism’s implementation, to be conducted under regional and international auspices, to ensure an early presidential election.

The GPC general committee called on the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) and its partners to take part in the dialogue as soon as possible and to end the division in the military establishments.

The committee also demanded the security bodies to declare the findings of the investigation of the presidential palace mosque attack. The vice president noted that the investigation is nearing completion.

During the meeting, the vice president indicated which decisions would be adopted to enhance the performance of political and security institutions. He also mentioned that there would be a review of the practical steps taken in some governorates to overcome the difficulties hindering the access of supplies to affected citizens.

The vice president stressed the avoidance of complexity or delay by saying such problems always lead to failure.

The meeting also touched on the essential requirements to end the ongoing crisis safely.

The general committee voted unanimously for the statement issued by the representatives at the end of its two-day meeting.