The Islah party has continued to reject any participation or cooperation with members of Al-Qeada in attacks against military forces in Arhab.


Fahid al-Qa'as al-Qeada leader in Yemen

However, Fahid Al-Qa’as, a leader of Al-Qeada in the Arabian Peninsula, confirmed his members’ collaboration with the Al-Islah party in attacking Taiz, Al-Hasaba and Al-Sama’a Mountain in the Arhab District.

Al-Qasa’a , who is highly wanted by the United States due to his role in the attack of the USS Cole, said that his organization waited three months to see how the revolution in Yemen would develop in order to make a decision on how they could best attack the government. He noted that, once he sees the government using force, Al-Qaeda will move to protect Muslims. In the meantime, he said that he and his partners have all carried machine guns for protection in Taiz, Arhab, Niham, and Sana’a.

In an interview published in Al-Qaeda’s Al-Arabi last week, Al-Qa’asa accused the regime and the United States for starting a war in Yemen. He said the role of Al-Qaeda is similar to other Muslims throughout the world who must take the initiative to defend themselves.

He also added that war does not bother Al-Qaeda regardless of whether the war is in Yemen or somewhere else.

Al-Qasa’a stated in the interview that “the regime is the only one who is responsible for killing civilians and our jihad continues to shake the power of such regimes until peace and justice are spread all over the world.”