Silence Kills! A call for New Protest Style

National Yemen

Yemen continues Friday Rallies for pro and anti protesters

under the slogan of support Yemen – Silence Kills! (scroll down for city locations), Young Yemenis abroad have come with new protest ideas to end the long waiting solutions for Yemeni regime crises.

Yemen has been facing a humanitarian and economic crisis for the past 8 months. This protest is to condemn the world’s silence and the current media black-out towards Yemen’s revolution, and its People’s struggle and peaceful plight to over-throw a dictatorial regime.

The protest is scheduled to be at the same time and in different cities across the world where there is a large Yemeni community, and in cities in Yemen.

It will be a silent protest: protesters will stand for two hours with tape over their mouths to symbolize the world’s silence and indifference towards Yemen.

The square or location for each city is mentioned in the below links

Come and support Yemen, stand in solidarity with its People, your support is important to us, it is a life-line for millions of Yemenis!
● Please bring your own sticky (preferably red) tape with you, thanks.