Explosion shakes Central Security headquarter

National Yemen

from L, Yahya M. Saleh at Yesterday celebration on the central security headquarter

An explosion occurred a few minuets ago hit the central security headquarter in Sana’a, which is located in al-Sabain Square 700 meter away from the Presidential place. A source told NY that the explosion was kind of shell came from out side. The shell left strong sound shakes the surrounding area  left  big hole at the sand stadium ground  in the middle of the central Secretary headquarter.

The shell came one day after the formal celebration of the 49th anniversary of 26th September , which took place yesterday at the official platform central security with  the present of the deputy President Abdrabo Manasour Hadi, diplomats and government officials.

The shell left no injuries among security members neither damages to the building or the office of Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, the President nephew and the Bridger officer of CS. This is considered an advance operation against the regime security supporter after the attacked of  the president at al-Nahdayn mosque last June 3rd,2011.

The central security located at the heart of the Capital Sana’a and it shares UAE and KSA embassies main walls.