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Free Revolution Photography Workshop By freelance photojournalist Amira Al-Shari


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Photojournalism course at the change square in Sana'a

Story and Photo by Fadhel Al-Amdi

Sana’a – In order to improve the documentation of Yemen’s revolution, freelance photojournalist Amira Al-Sharaif organized a photography workshop called “Revolution Photography.” The three day workshop, which began Yesterday in Change Square, will focus on training photographers in necessary skills such as composition rules.

Over 26 eager photographers signed up for the training and represent a broad spectrum of individuals representing different newspapers, organizations, human rights groups, and also included members from Yemen’s Photographic Society.

“In an interview with Miss Al-Sharif about the reason to hold the workshop at Change Square, She said, “it is because the Change Square has the spirit of the revolution. I have been seeing the work of Yemeni revolution photographers in some newspapers and websites, noticing that that they are doing great, they just need to learn photographic composition rules, knowing exactly how to work in the field and not to put themselves in danger.

I do believe that revolution doesn’t mean that we do not only photograph the revolution but to document our lives with the revolution especially the bright part of revolution not only the dark part of it. It is important part of Yemeni history that needs to be documented in right way.  I thought it might be helpful to share my experience with revolution photographers and we get to learn from each other experience.”

In the workshop, participants learned how to properly use a digital camera, gained more knowledge on photographic composition rules, and also learned how to document the revolution.

In the workshop Ms. Al-Sharif explained photographic composition rules through her own work, and showed the photographers her documentation about the revolution in Sana’a since her return. At the conclusion of the workshop, she encouraged the participants to document the life in the Change Square and its people.

Al-Sharif returned to Yemen a few months ago after finishing a one year program in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the International Center of Photography in New York. The school is currently one of the most important photography schools in the world.