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National Yemen journalist wins the Arab Youth Excellence Award in Cairo

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National Yemen journalist wins the Arab Youth Excellence Award in Cairo

By Ali Al-Murtada

Cairo, Sep. 10, 2011, Ebrahim Al-Sharif, a National Yemen Journalist, received the Arab Youth Excellence Award in Cairo, Egypt. The award ceremony is organized by the Arab League, the United Nations, and the Arab Youth Council, with the objective of creating sustainable development in Cairo.

The ceremony was held in the Opera House and was attended by ambassadors, media, and activists from all Arab and Africa states. Mr. Al-Sharif attended the first Arab African conference to establish a council involving Arabs and Africans resembling the Arab League and the African Union

Mr. Al-Sharif is the second Yemeni citizen to receive this award in the past six years and is a testament that Yemeni youth can compete with their Arab and international peers. Youth, Mr. Al-Sharif believes, are what will contribute to the efforts of changing Yemen’s international image.

Mr. Al-Sharif received the award due to his expertise and potential in photography and graphic design. Mr. Al-Sharif gained the attention of many due to his participation in a recent film-making contest sponsored by the British Council in which he produced a stunning short movie about Yemen. Mr. Al-Sharif is a well-published writer in many newspapers both Arabic and English; he is currently a journalist at the National Yemen Newspaper.

  Mr. Al-Sharif has represented Yemen in many international programs, events and conferences that have taken place in the US, UK, Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt. This year, Mr. Al-Sharif was awarded for his photography skills in Kuwait by the prime minister of Kuwait and his counterpart in Turkey.

 “I would like to extend my gratitude to the extraordinary Arab Youth Council and the members of the Arab league represented by its Secretary General for the tireless efforts to develop more innovative ways to address the concerns and aspirations of Arab people especially during the Arab Spring,” said Mr. Al-Sharif.

 As a result of this award, Mr. Al-Sharif said it would motivate him to do more for his country and work harder to become a leader in his community to further its development.

 “It was an honor to meet many extraordinary young Arabs. This experience only tells me that there is hope and future for the Arab world,” Mr. Al-Sharif concluded.