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Yemeni revolutionaries take a silent stand in front of the League of Arab States in Cairo

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Yemeni revolutionaries take a silent stand in Cairo

Ebrahim al-Sharif

Cairo – Hundreds of Yemeni of all ages and backgrounds of the peaceful Yemeni revolution all gathered in a “silent stand” in front of the Arab League building in Cairo to ensure their voice would be heard by all Arab countries.

Their message was clear: Prevent Yemeni membership in the League of Arab States and use diplomatic pressure on Saleh and his supporters to resign. Their signs included sayings such as, “silence is the real enemy of humanity,” and, “Yemen is bleeding for freedom.”

All individuals in attendance wanted to force Saleh to leave the country and prosecute him as a war criminal along with the rest of his associates from his family and leaders.

Many similar events were organized in different countries including France, the UK, and other countries to encourage the international community to help Yemeni people who have struggled in the last eight months.

At the event, many people taped their mouths shut to represent Yemen’s ignored pleas for support resulting in the deaths of thousands more people. During the Yemeni revolution, approximately two thousand people were killed with thousands more injured or kidnapped.

Additionally, Yemen citizens lived with little rations of water, gas, petrol, transportation, and safety. Such problems were compounded as inflation reached over 200% for some products while most national industries, such as tourism, suffered and left many unemployed.

The silent stand was covered by many television channels including Al-Jazeerah and other mass media.


During the silent stand many people remembered the Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser, who often stood up for Yemen and its people, and asked whether current leaders shared those traits.

Many at the event claimed that Yemen’s own president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, was not similar to Nasser at all. Instead, Saleh has presented his people as terrorists, ignorant and killers. Moreover, he stole their freedom and dignity while managing to destroy the Yemeni economy.

Additionally, Saleh created many political problems inside Yemen including tribes, religion, and culture even though Yemen is traditionally known as an ancient country with a humble people.

A few days after the return of Saleh to Yemen – following three months absence in Saudi Arabia for treatment – about 130 people were killed in many fights that he provoked. He announced multiple times that he would sign the Gulf Initiative, guaranteeing him and his family safety from prosecution. However, it was just a trick and Yemen will suffer the consequences.
With more silent stands, the protestors hope the gain enough international attention to stop the deteriorating situation in Yemen.