US-born Qaeda cleric Awlaki buried in Yemen

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al-Awlaki buried in al-Jawaf province, Yemen

SANAA, Oct 4 — The remains of Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-born cleric linked to al Qaeda, were buried over the weekend near the place where a CIA drone killed him and several comrades, a member of his family said today.

The relative told Reuters that Awlaki’s father travelled from the capital Sanaa to the northern province of al-Jawf on Saturday and identified his son’s dagger lying among scattered body parts, which they buried close by.

US officials and the Yemeni government have said Awlaki (picture) was killed last Friday, but al Qaeda has yet to officially acknowledge his death. The network’s regional branch usually confirms the deaths of its members or affiliates in postings on Internet forums a few days after the event.

In the days following Awlaki’s death, his father received mourners in the family’s house in Sanaa, the relative said.

Eloquent in English and Arabic, Awlaki encouraged attacks on the United States and was seen as a man who could draw in more al Qaeda recruits from Western countries.

He was implicated in a botched attempt by al Qaeda’s Arabian Peninsula wing (AQAP) to bomb a US-bound plane in 2009 and had contacts with an American army psychiatrist who killed 13 people at a US military base the same year. — Reuters