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Tawakkul Karman honored at the EU Delegation

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Tawakkul Karman in a group photo with EU

The EU Delegation lived an intense moment of emotion on Sunday 09 October by receiving  Tawakkul Karman, the now worldwide famous Yemeni human rights activist, who was awarded the Nobel Peace prize on Friday, the 7th of October 2011.

In presence of the Head of the EU Delegation, Mr Michele Cervone d’Urso, and of all the European Ambassadors present in Sana’a, the French Ambassador, the German Ambassador, the Spanish Ambassador and the Bulgarian Charge’ d’ affaires, Tawakkul Karman expressed her joy and was very appreciative of this ceremony in her honor.

On behalf of the EU and of all the European Ambassadors, the EU Head of Delegation congratulated Tawakkul Karman: “this prize goes beyond Yemen itself and is an important signal for all those supporting Human Rights and Justice throughout the world and especially the Arab World”. He added that Tawakkul Karman had “an enormous burden on her shoulders, a significant responsibility vis-à-vis the world, the Arabs and the Yemeni people and this prize is a symbol for transformative change in Yemen and beyond”.

Tawakkul Karman said that this Nobel Prize proved that the Yemeni revolution had convinced the whole world about the legitimate demands of the Yemeni people: “this prize means that this country is moving ahead, away from the conflicts and towards wider horizons. We want to build this country on the revolution aspirations and values. We want a modern civil democratic State. The Yemenis are capable of building such a State”.

The EU has  championed Yemeni civil society and human rights organizations, notably the action of Tawakkul Karman and many human rights activists in support of democracy, good governance and  women rights for a long time. The EU will spare no effort to continue supporting the civil society, especially the Youth and their legitimate aspirations, in Yemen.