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Suicide bombing in southern Yemen

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group of Soldiers in southern govern orate Abyen are eating their lunch

Aden – A 16-year-old bomber blew himself up Tuesday near the Yemeni intelligence building in the southern province of Aden, the Aden News Agency reported.

The attack took place in the region of Al Tawhi. The bomber and a policeman died, and a number of passersby were wounded, the report said.

The attack came six hours after a bomb hidden inside the car of Yemeni Air Force Colonel Amin Al Shami exploded, killing him instantly in the city of al-Anad, in southern Lahj province.

Al-Shami was leaving a military base when the explosion took place. Two technicians who were with him were also wounded.

In recent months attacks targeting Yemeni military officers have increased. Activists say the government’s control is weakening in the southern part of the country as the unrest continues.

Yemen’s opposition groups held protests in the capital Sana’a and other cities Tuesday to call on the United Nations to help them force President Ali Abdullah Saleh to resign.

More than 20,000 pro-democracy protesters took to the streets in south-western Dhammar province demanding that more international pressure be put on Saleh to step down.

The UN Security Council is scheduled to discuss a briefing by UN special envoy to Yemen, Jamal ben Omar, on his latest talks in Yemen.

Millions of Yemenis have been protesting since February demanding the ouster of Saleh. At least 1,480 people were killed until September in clashes between Saleh’s troops and his opponents, according to government figures.

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  • Conflict between Yemen and Saudi Arabia has affected the entire politics of the world. Suicide bombing in this respect has been creating negative impact and impression for the locals. This type of retaliation has taken lives of many innocent citizens.