Saleh and Opponents: Worst to Come

As politics remains the top priority on Yemen society, politics have dissolved into an arena where politicians fight to prove they are right at any costs. Saleh and his opponents are not moving in the right direction as all of them have lost any wisdom they once had and have turned their good intentions into malice and greed. As the leaders of Yemen push the country to a social, economic and security disaster, the silent majority of Yemen’s population loses the once faint hope for a better future.

Friday’s prayers have now become two opposing parties with one calling for wrongful group to step down while other the other calls for dialogue and peaceful transition based on the GCC initiative. Both parties use slogans of distrust and misuse the facts. The interest in creating a real start for Yemen’s transition is not there and it will not come easily from the perspective of the local Yemeni citizens and international players.

It has been known to the whole world that Ali Abdullah Saleh, Ali Mohsin al-Ahmer, leaders of the Islah party are playing a dirty game at the risk of destroying Yemen’s social fabric for the sake of personal triumph.  Those three enemies to the future of Yemen are using journalists, businessmen, Shaikhs, freedom, human rights, and foreigners as pawns in their game kidnapping them at will. After each kidnapping, each party tries to accuse the other in attempt to punish them for their attitude toward the revolution or their opinions.

Meanwhile, the UN agency entrusted with protecting speech and the press condemned the killing and kidnapping of a Yemeni Journalist labeling it a crime. The agency called on the authorities and militants to ensure the safety of media workers.

The recent crimes against journalists in Yemen are not simply kidnapping or the killing individuals, it’s a symbol of state collapse into chaos that that will seemingly never end. The signs of the chaos are intensifying at the tepid reaction of the Security Council and the disobedience of Saleh to step down unless his enemies leave the country before him. It’s a petty game as his enemies cannot gather the strength to take power and rule the country after Saleh’s Yemen.

The people of Yemen are suffering from lack of life’s basic necessities such as, education for kids, safety and health and expense of Saleh’s personal gain. It has been a nine months and no one feels the direct suffering of the people, but that does not stop the ruling parties from using the pain of the Yemeni people as headlines to win people to their cause.

Both the ruling party and opposition should leave Yemen and let the Yemeni people decide their future. If they do not leave, no one will be safe from the future of violence that will define Yemen. I feel sorry for those who where dreaming for a good future and now they are begging because they lost their jobs. I Feel for them.