Talented Yemeni youth take part in IYCF 2011, Pakistan

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group photo for IYCF 2011, Pakistan participants

By: NY Staff

Sadam Ali Al-Adwar and Hashem Alghili are Yemeni students in Pakistan. Like many talented Yemeni’s who study abroad find themselves and their colleagues involved in the international Youth Conference 2011 (IYCF)  for the second time in Islamabad.

The IYCF is in its second year and serves as an event to shatter stereotypes, open communication channels and connect activists and youth leaders with one another in order to find sustainable solutions to global problems, from disaster management or civic engagement, all the way to human rights and terrorism.

This year’s conference them was “Building Bridges Across the World.” Through this three day conference, participants have had the chance to discuss several topics related to cross culture issues, success stories from different countries, and how they can make positive changes in their community.

The participants were also able to learn a lot of things from professional speakers that came from all over the world, including the US, UK and Pakistan. The conference also included 5 workshops about new media, music, social change and film makers.

Sadam, who has participated in other conferences in Asia, was nominated for this conference and was thought everything was there to make the event enjoyable.  He noted that he was able to exchange opinions with some young people working in similar areas.

But most importantly he said “I had the chance to spread my working experience in civil society initiatives.”

Al-Adwar said that the conference was a real eye opener.

“It allowed me to see a Pakistan that I did not know about. I was also able to correct some misconceptions about Yemen that my colleagues had. I am definitely planning to repeat this experience back in Yemen and share what I learned,” said Al-Adwar

Many participants noted at the end of the conference that they hope there would be more conferences like this in more countries in the future. By doing so, the participants feel they can work together to create solutions their world needs.