Yemen LNG back in business

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Yemen LNG Balhaf terminal

Sana’a, 25 October – Yemen LNG has completed the last repair weld on the pipeline. Meanwhile, the annual shutdown of the plant was advanced and is reaching completion. “The teams have been fantastic,” said François Rafin, the General Manager of the Company. “We are back in business; Balhaf will restart on 26th October”.

All LNG loadings in November are maintained and the LNG cargoes that were cancelled in October will be redelivered by early January. The surveillance and the protection of the pipeline have been further upgraded after the sabotage.

The company confirmed the news on October 15th,  that sabotage of the 38 inch gas pipeline that links the block 18 to the Balhaf terminal on the Gulf of Aden. The explosion occurred at 00h30 on 15 October 2011 in a desert zone at 75 KM North of Balhaf Liquefaction Plant. It caused no victims. The production has stopped but the loss of production is expected to be limited as the LNG Plant was due to shutdown on 23 October for annual maintenance.