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Al-Janadi: Abdrabu Mansour Nominated for Coming President Election

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Vice President of Yemen fly's to US for medical treatment

National Yemen

Abdo Al-Janadi, Deputy Minister of Information, announced in his weekly press meeting with local and international media that Vice President Abdrabu Mansour Hadi will be the General People’s Congress for the coming presidential election — after the peaceful transition of power in Yemen. Al-Janadi stated that this is his personal suggestion and said that new leaders should be from the north. He would also consider the Prime Minister as well. This answer was given after Al-Janadi was asked if northern Yemenis are working with some international players to break the unity of Yemen.

The Vice-President is currently in the United States for a routine medical check up and will stay in the United States for two weeks total. The Vice President was supposed to meet with UN Representative Jamal Ban Omer and General Secretary of the GCC Abdul Latif Al-Zayani the day before he flew to the States. Hadi has been blamed by opposition parties that he is simply imitating Saleh’s strategy and trying to win more time.