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Dr.Al-Matawaka: Change in Yemen Relies on Military Forces

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BY Fakhri al-Arashi

In an exclusive statement to NY by Dr. Mohammed Abdul-Malik al-Matawakal, a member of the coalitions parties that are calling for the ouster of President Saleh, said while the military forces are in control of President Saleh and his family, the political dispute will continue and may need military intervention.

Dr Al-Matawaka said that before any negotiations proceed with the ruling party, all the units of the military should stay independent from both the opposition and ruling party. “President Saleh, wants to leave power in an honorable way,” Dr. Al-Matawaka said. He also stated that the vice president is a member of a committee and is working to isolate military forces from both sides. 

“The speech of President calling for American, British and GCC guarantees is not possible and the guarantees are in the hand of the Yemeni forces. This is the only solution” said al-Matawakal. Yemen, he said, does not need any international intervention as he believes that the country is not like others in the Arab Spring.  the case of Yemen does no need any international intervention, our problem is not like other countries.

“We are looking to Eygpt, once the president left power the military took over the control of the country and we want to follow that example. If there is no strong solution, the Vice President might fly back to Aden to make a move similar to the old vice president Ali Salem Al-Beid. It was Al-Beid that announced in 1994 to break the unity deal.