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Final Results In for Secondary Students Announced

National Yemen

big number of Yemeni girls student listening tentatively to their teacher

National Yemen

Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamadi, Deputy Education Minister, said the turnout for the exams was strong.After a long wait to reveal test scores, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the 2010/2011 Secondary School Year Exams for science and art classes. The Ministry stated that 84.25% of the students who took the exam passed it. Students can find the results uploaded to the ministry’s website on, through the ministry landline no.(160) and by using SMS.

“218,560 students applied for the final exam. Aden recorded a high amount of passes in the scientific section, whereas Sana’a recorded a high amount of passes in the art section,” said Al-Hamadi.

Dr. Al-Hamadi deputy education minister said that the girl students scored the highest on the art section at a total number of 13 girls and 1 boy. The scientific test was a little more balanced as the scientific section of 11 girls along with 8 boys scored on the highest scale.

Despite this success, approximately 16,967 students did not attend the final exams.

One major reason for this is that some students in Sana’a and Aden could not return to their schools after it was given to the refugees of Abyen. Some schools in Sana’a are occupied either by the protestors or by government loyalist.

In a TV interview with the Minister of Education, said he would have liked to release the results of the exams earlier but the ministry’s ability to do so was delayed by correction process problems and the political environment.

Now that many students have completed their exams, bigger challenges await. It is expected that once a secondary school graduate passes an exam, they must wait one year until they can enroll in a public university. This is because the Yemeni Ministry of Education requires the year gap. As a result, wealthier kids go to private schools where they can begin the school year just a few months after graduation. Many of these students are also able to gain access to scholarships financed by the Yemeni government or sometimes other countries. This means that poorer kids must stay at home and fall behind.

The ministry is preparing for next year’s test and is currently working to address issues and ultimately create better education for students in Yemen.