Harak Movement Calls for a Free South


Sea side of al-Qasir hotel in Aden

by National Yemen
The Higher Council for the Peaceful Southern Movement has welcomed the initiative of Brigader Nasser Al-Nawbah, Chairman of the Higher National Committee for Independence. Al-Nawbah recently called on prominent political players of the southern movements such as the Power of Freedom and Independence, retired southern military men, and any other groups who have fought on the change squares calling to pursue freedom and independence for the south.
Al-Nahbaw called upon individuals in the Higher Council for Peaceful Southern Movement to present their new vision in forming a type of national solidarity in the south. Al-Nawbah suggested some names like National Front, National Union, or National Cooperative Council. From these names, he said, that people in the south can share in the vision that will lead to the success of the National Southern Alignment and the achievement of our people’s goals.
Al-Nawbah concluded his rallying call saying, “so that our people’s sacrifices in blood and imprisonment leads toward the achievement of freedom and independence for our land from the Arab Republic of Yemen.”