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Opponents Accuse Saleh of Preparing for a Comprehensive War

National Yemen

Yemeni Military Commanders

BY National Yemen

President Saleh dismissed multiple commanders from the military as a result of their support for the Youth Revolution. The dismissed commanders were from a wide range of institutions within the military including the Central Reform Base, National College for Defense, as well as the 15th, 25th, 111th, 133rd and 135th Ground Force Divisions. Opposition members have decried the dismissals as a move to prepare for civil war. A source told National Yemen that Saleh’s actions are sending a clear message that the country is not far from a civil war, particularly after the failure of the Gulf Initiative. The dismissals come as another advantage, National Yemen source said that military loyal to Saleh is moving and storing military weapons across multiple governorates. The source added that more than three trucks transferred weapons from Hodeidah Port to Al-Dailami Air Force Base near Sana’a airport.