President Saleh Visits the Fourth Republican Guard

National Yemen


By National Yemen
President Saleh has paid his first official visit to the Fourth Republican Guard since returning to Yemen from Saudi Arabia last month. The visit to the military unit is part of an evaluation of the military training that took place in 2011 and will also help prepare military training for the year 2012. The visit is the first of many more planned visits to military units who still back the president in his bid to continue his term until the year 2013.
In a speech given to the guards, he praised them for doing their national duty to protect the country’s independence and sovereignty. Saleh also said that Yemen was proud of the men from both the north and south who have kept a strong belief in the country by ignoring many false news reports on Yemen’s status. Saleh continued, “As you know the country is passing through a hard time, and without your loyalty and courage, the country would sink into the dark. Those who split from our military forces and still wear the military uniform are gone, no matter how they dress. Thank you to you all.”
Saleh’s visit to the Republican Guard comes as he faces his worst political crisis in his 33 years of power. President Saleh was recently accused of preparing for a civil war after the failure of the Gulf Initiative.