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President Saleh in Saudi to seek the political End

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Saleh revised Military Plan with is commanders

Early Morning today, the Yemeni state television announced the departure of   President Ali Abdullah Saleh who arrived in Saudi Arabia this morning  to sign mechanism process  of the power transfer deal mediated by Gulf Arab states as a way to resolve his country’s crisis.

The TV says Saleh arrived in the Saudi capital Riyadh on Wednesday morning but did not say when the deal would be signed. It says that along with Gulf Arab representatives who brokered the agreement, European and American envoys will also attend the signing.

Faced with months of mass protests calling for his ouster, Saleh has repeatedly promised to sign the agreement, only to change his mind every time.

Under the deal, he would step down and transfer power to the vice president in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Jamal Bin Omer, who is being in Yemen for more the ten days said, both political parties in Yemen have agreed to end 10 months of political dispute and the initiative of power transfer in Yemen has been approved.

Abdul-latif al-Zayani, GCC representative, said that he will not come to Yemen for any further discussions unless Saleh singe the GCC deal singed.