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SEMC Launches Meetings Between Yemen and International Journalists

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Studies & Economic Media Center meeting

National Yemen

The Studies & Economic Media Center, in partnership with the US Embassy, launched a series of meetings for Yemeni and international journalists to exchange knowledge and experiences on the profession of journalism.

In the first such meeting organized this morning, 20 Yemeni journalists met with Luck Somer, a prominent American journalist and photographer. The participants were able to discuss with Luck the risks facing Yemeni journalists as they photograph the unfolding events in Yemen, technical skills of professional photography during conflicts, and the ways to prove the credibility of film footage in ambiguous situations.

Luck also discussed with the participants the importance of photography in the press and in the media in general, particularly with the spread of new media technology. He also explained his experience in photography and the basic criteria that an image must have so that it meets international standards. Luck stressed the importance that a photographer’s passion is essential for their success and that they also must try and create new perspectives of the story they are covering.

At the end of the meeting, the participants expressed the importance of holding similar meetings in the future so that Yemeni photographers can continue to improve their skills. The participants recommended that future meetings should provide information for how photographers can manage risks in conflict environments and successfully shape public perception of Yemeni photographers.