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Sa’ada: Another Battle Flares Up in Yemen

National Yemen

Dammaj the home land in Sa'ada

By National Yemen

Salafi’s throughout Yemen called for jihad against the Houthis in Sa’ada as the Shi’ite rebel group continued their week long shelling of the Salafi village of Damaj. At the beginning of this week the fighting, 25 people were already reportedly killed and left more than 48 wounded.

Sectarian disputes between the two groups led to increased tension which has led to multiple skirmishes in the past month. Local tribesmen worked to establish a truce to prevent any fighting. However, whatever truce that existed between the two groups effectively broke down when Houthi groups starting shelling Damaj last Saturday.

Lost in the fighting were many civilians who have suffered heavily throughout the past week. Many NGOs have been unable to provide support to the civilians as Houthi fighters have reportedly blocked access to multiple areas surrounding Damaj.

Following a press conference held this past Thursday in Sa’ada, the Houthi selected Governor of the province, Faris Mana’a, outlined the articles for a ceasefire and granted limited access for politically neutral assistance to bring much needed food, medicine and other supplies to the area.

Strict conditions were applied to the types of donations that would ultimately be let in. This decision was based on the condition that neither side in the conflict would be allowed to prepare any defensive positions.

Faris Mana’a said during the press conference that a committee would be established to work continuously until a deal could be signed to effectively end the recent clashes with favorable terms for both parties.

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