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Sana’a University Students Head Back to Class

National Yemen

President Award higher education committee

By National Yemen

A source at the Student Union of Sana’a University informed National Yemen that the President, Dean, and faculty of Sana’a University all agreed to return to a normal teaching schedule beginning on Saturday, December 4th. The Board of Teachers and the Student Union of Sana’a University previously announced the resumption of academic studies last Sunday. Teaching still remains a political, rather than an academic decision at the university.

The same source called for the formation of a committee with representatives from the three parties to investigate the financial expenses of the alternative study areas created when the First Armored Division overtook Sana’a University during the protests. The source said that the committee formed to address this issue should have the right to know the specific details and information related to all the equipment purchased for alternative study areas. The committee, the source said, will also need to investigate all the damages incurred from the violence that took place on the university campus between the government and First Armored Division.

Students at Sana’a University were displaced from their classes and normal school schedule at the beginning of the second semester of the 2010-2011 academic year as protestors gathered en masse around the university.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Director of Sana’a University tried to open the university but faced strong resistance from protestors and because of the continued presence of military forces.