Yemeni Youth Form Arab Spring Party

National Yemen

Yemeni Youth Form Arab Spring Party

National Yemen

A number of young Yemeni women and men who withdrew from the protest squares, announced in Sana’a the formation of the Arab Spring Party under the slogan ‘justice, development and progress.

During the announcement ceremony, Amal Lutf al-Thawr, the head of the party, said, “The party was formed to announce the creation of a new stage that will help pave the way to address all issues, principally the unfortunate ones that have been ongoing in our beloved Yemen, which led to the spread of chaos, tensions, intolerance, and divisions.”

Al-Thawr noted that the Arab Spring Party was formed to end the struggles of the youth by organizing their beliefs, articulate their true demands, and then find the ways to achieve them. Al-Thawr added that the party seeks to acknowledge as an organization free from the control of any party or tribe and will serve the source of strength to justice, development, and progress.

Al-Thawr revealed that the Arab Spring Party will address all complex issues, pending matters, and pertinent topics in an honest manner, and present them accurately. This, she said, would ensure that the youth’s ambitions and goals are translated into action and tangible solutions that would save the country from its crisis. She stated that this can be accomplished through honesty and transparency in the process of dealing with daily issues, away from grudges and divisions that had damaged the Yemeni society and economy. The party will also look to rid Yemen of internal sedition and foreign interferences.

On his part, Alawi al-Hutami, a member of the organizational committee of the Arab Spring Party, stated that the party was founded on a number of vital national principles. This includes supporting the forces that call for quick and decisive amendments utilizing methods that are legitimate, lawful, and constitutional, in addition to maintaining the national beliefs, and putting the national interest first.

He added that the party considers the citizens and the youth to be the true safety valve for the protection of the nation and will guarantee the implementation of reforms and change for the better. The party seeks to make peace with everyone and co-exist for the sake of their nation’s development and prosperity.

Al-Hutami noted that the interferences made by the different political powers, for the purpose of achieving their desired political demands at the expense of the demands of the youth and the Yemeni people, were obstacles in the path of a better future for Yemen. These actions, he said sought to drag Yemen further into tribal, partisan, and regional dependencies.

Before the youth started staging protests did not have a place in the political arena and did not represent anything to the political parties. However, when they began staging protests they gained immense power. Accordingly, political parties tried to impose their control over them and protect them in order to achieve their own political victories.

He noted that this particular stage in Yemen’s history is important for Yemen’s youth movement. If not handled appropriately, it could drag the youth back to where they were before the protests if the youth fail to confront everyone and unite over specific and clear goals to ensure the safety and progress of the nation.

Alawi al-Hutami, member of the organizational committee of the Arab Spring Party, said, “The youth of the Arab Spring Party would like to say to all those who harmed the nation that you have gained money, power, and authority through many means, but we are armed with our will, intellect, and ambition. We are committed to breaking the cycle of illusions and marginalization. The youth will protect the sovereignty of the nation and the national gains. The youth will achieve the goals of the September 26 and October 14 revolutions and strengthen Yemeni unity.”

A number of additional speeches were delivered by representatives of civil society organizations and syndicates to praise the youth of the Arab Spring Party and laud their efforts in forming an independent entity to express their demands and ambitions in a civilized way in accordance with the constitution, laws, and political system of Yemen.